Cash Office

Vital Roots Chiropractic is not in network with any insurance companies. By being a cash office, it allows us to create specific care recommendations at an affordable cost for all of our practice members. Vital Roots Chiropractic offers wellness plans for all members who have completed their active care treatment plan.

Certain conditions like constipation, anxiety, and treating infants are not often services covered by insurance. Being a cash only office gives us the flexibility to help and treat all conditions and concerns that someone may have.

Although we do not submit to insurance companies, we can provide super bills for you to submit on your own. This means that your insurance company would be reimbursing you directly. We also accept HSA and FSA!

What To Expect On Your First Visit

As a new patient in our office, our main goals are to make sure that you feel comfortable and heard. We set aside an hour for your first visit. During this time, we will have an exam and consultation to make sure that we are the correct office for you and if an adjustment is appropriate. After this, the doctor will walk you through an adjustment and what to expect going further.

At the end of your first appointment, we will make a follow up appointment called your Report of Findings. During this visit, the doctor will review all of your findings that were discovered on your initial visit. An adjustment will be given on this visit and the doctor will let you know what their care recommendations are for you. A financial consult will conclude day 2.

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